It was easy to open up and ask what I really wanted to know

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I’ve always found talking about sex stuff embarrassing…. but this didn’t feel awkward.

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I’ve been to a bunch of these talks and this one was the best one I’ve ever been to!

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Awesome Information

I would like to thank you for the information you share. Although, as a therapist, I am quite comfortable speaking to anyone about virtually any sexual matter, as the mom to a pre-teen I wonder and question my ability to speak to my son truthfully and relay important issues surrounding sex. Your site is filled with such a wide variety of topics and many issues; so I wanted to let you know, I am appreciative.

Wow thank you, that was the least awkward sex Ed talk I’ve ever had

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Yes because its really helpful for me so i want other people also join for a better sex experience or pleasure.


You guys are great!!! I love your posts. Thank you.

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