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Have the Best Sex of Your Life...

  • 1
    The problem with relationships is that the longer they go, the more we tend to become comfortable with them. Many couples lose that spark of passion as the comfort grows. Learn how to keep that spark alive.
  • 2
    Life has a way of throwing us a lot of curve balls. How can we find romance? How can we keep romance thriving in our relationships as they grow and change? Learn ways to keep intimacy alive. 
  • 3
    Lots of unhealthy relationships start from things that seem small and insignificant at the time. You will learn all the things that will help you grow healthy relationships and avoid unhealthy pitfalls that are often the beginning of the end for a relationship.
  • 4
    Even those who have a natural knack in the bedroom, you can always pick up a new technique or two or improve the ones you already know. Learn to have the best sex of your life for the next 40 years.

Take Intimacy & Relationships, to the next Level

Every month you will receive new videos, podcasts, and articles to challenge, educate, and entertain you

Get practical, step-by-step advice, sex tips, and intimacy building techniques. They say that relationships are hard work but with the right knowledge they don't have to be. 

Get the building blocks to build healthy and lasting relationships. Re-ignite the flames of passion or just keep the flame alive

Who is Teela Hudak?

Teela is passionate about helping people find and reclaim passion and intimacy. She helps people find and foster that sense of romance, fire, and passion that most people experience early in a relationship. For a lot of people, things get in the way of intimacy and romance. Teela teaches people how to have the best sex of their lives & how to keep that going for the next 40 years. 

​Relationships and intimacy make up a huge part of our lives and those who choose to embrace that and do something about it, never need to feel that flame of desire go out. People who want to sustain the passion of the early stages of a relationship turn to Teela for help. 

“Sex is fun, why shouldn't learning about it be?”

Teela Hudak

Sexy Heroes Build Their Sexy Super Powers!

How does the Sexy Hero Society help you build your super powers?

Relationship Challenges

Video Series

Every month you will get a new challenge for you and your partner. The challenges focus on building up different areas of your relationship

Sex Positions

Article Series

Every month we release a new sex position for you to try. We go into details for best tips using that position.

Sex Tips

Article Series

Every month we release a new article with a different sex tip or technique from kissing to intercourse. Learn new techniques or improve the skills you already have!

Research Review

Podcast Series

You get to stay up to date on research related to sex, relationships, and more. We do the work & summarize it for you in an easy podcast

Games & Coloring Pages


We like some fun & games too so every month you'll get a new adult coloring page & we release new puzzles & games.

Erotic Poetry

Podcast Series

For a bit of entertainment and inspiration, every month we release a new piece of erotic poetry that's read aloud and set to music. 

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Access to Community

Sexy Heroes have access to their own private forums where they can seek help from others as well as experts in the field. You will have access to a real community where no question is taboo!


Free Digital Copy of "Got Consent"

Consent is a super important part of healthy relationships yet even people who can accurately define consent still struggle applying it to real world situations. With your membership, you'll receive a copy of "Got Consent" that explores all the nuance and grey areas that people typically struggle with.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

I'm currently single, is this worth it for me?

Absolutely! You don't need to have a partner to learn and grow as a person. You can sharpen your communications skills and apply them to other areas of your life. Plus all the sex tips you learn will be useful when you are physically intimate with someone.

What kinds of things will I gain access to?

We publish written articles, podcasts, videos, and interactive games. We have several series including, but not limited to, information on sex positions, ways to improve your sex life, relationship challenges, coloring pages, erotic poetry podcasts, summaries of current research, games, and much more! 

How often is new stuff added?

We add new content every week! 

Hey I saw some different bonuses and they aren't here now. Can I still get them?

Sorry! Our special bonuses are offered in real time and limited time. This is not a gimmick but based on availability and our limited time offers. 

Why should I pay to learn about sex & relationships?

The good news is that you don't have to! There is a lot of research out there through academic studies, books, lectures, conventions, and more! You just have to dedicate the time, and in some cases money, to read, obtain, and attend all of those things. If you'd rather do it yourself, we encourage and support you! If you'd rather have us do the work of the research and present it easily to you, then it does cost a small amount of money each month

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, you will gain instant access to our full library of articles, podcasts, videos, and games. We publish lots of new content every month!

What's covered in private video coaching?

The private video coaching available to Sexy Champions will cover whatever concerns that person the most. The coaching can cover any number of issues including, but not limited to,

* help finding a partner

* dating advice

* sex advice/tips

* marriage/relationship counselling

* customized and specific relationship advice

Don't settle for mediocre sex & relationships, 

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