purple they/them gender pronoun button by Explore Sex Talk

They/Them Gender Pronoun Button


Easily declare you’re gender pronouns as they/them with one of our buttons. We’ve got multiple colors to match your unique style!

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Some people may feel that wearing a gender pronoun button is redundant and that people should be able to just tell what their gender is. It doesn’t matter if someone’s gender is obvious or not. Sometimes what some people feel is an obvious gender, that person actually uses the pronouns “they/them”. Wearing a gender pronoun pin is a nice and simple way to let those around you know you’re gender with ease and no confusion. As our understanding of gender expands, we are changing how we see it and what it means to us. A gender pronoun pin demonstrates your understanding of the complexities. It doesn’t matter if you are cis-gendered or not, wearing one can benefit everyone. It normalizes the conversation and is supportive of those who are non-binary or often have to explain their gender pronoun.

Another benefit of wearing a gender pronoun button is that it helps people who struggle to understand social situations or interactions. Anyone on the autism or Aspergers spectrum that already struggles to read social cues has one less thing to worry about misreading. Buttons are also beneficial to people that feel socially awkward or are new to the recent research on gender. The buttons can be the start of a conversation that leads them to learn more.

We have three sizes available: one inch, one and one-half inch, and two and a quarter inches. The one-inch size is a lock pin back while the one and one-half inch and two and quarter-inch sizes are pinbacks. All buttons are made from stainless steel with a mylar coating and designed to stand the test of time.

The They/Them Gender Pronoun button is currently available in black, white, red, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, rainbow, orange, yellow, and pink. Which color completes your look?

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1 inch, 1.5 Inches, 2.25 inches


Black, Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, White, Yellow