Got Consent? by Teela Hudak

Got Consent?


Consent is an important part of our world and the key to avoiding a lot of horrible situations. As with so many other things in our world, consent is not always as easily understood as it should be. Pick up this quick and easy guide to keeping consent clear and easy to understand.

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Consent is an important topic and it’s even more of a hot-button topic today. It is the line between enjoyable sexual activities and sexual assault. Many people will say that consent is an extremely basic concept and, in many ways, it is. However, life’s many different situations have shown us that it can be more grey than black and white. It is not always clear cut and people have some very different interpretations of how the concept can and should be applied. This book provides you with a guide to all the black, white, and grey areas.

How do we keep ourselves and others safe? How do we stop assaults and allegations of sexual misconduct? It starts here. Join the discussion and get informed!

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  • Awesome read, written in a way to be accessible to a wide audience which is crucial for a book of this nature. The author gets the point(s) across in a way that can reach the people who need this information the most.

  • Hudak provides an entertaining overview of the power of consent in a way that is consistently informative, engaging, and accessible. It starts with a complete and detailed overview of what consent is and how it is given in a way that is understandable for a beginner, while the later chapters offer new insights for those who are already familiar. She introduces new ways to discuss and comprehend consent, and includes advice for those engaging in niche areas of play like BDSM/kink. I especially appreciated the way that she applied safe BDSM culture to all kinds of sex (safe, sane and consensual or R.A.C.K). This handbook gives such comprehensive knowledge of consent that I believe anyone who reads it, no matter their education level on the topic, would be able to employ “consent culture”. A wonderful (and quick!) read.